Best Poker Affiliate Programs In 2014

Many online poker players are interested in becoming affiliates. The same is true for casino gamblers and sports bettors. The best poker affiliate programs in 2014 can earn you a lot of cash. You don’t need a web site to join many online poker affiliate programs in 2014. I know quite a few people who make tens of thousands each month simply by marketing to their Facebook friends and using Twitter. Poker affiliate programs like Chipsplit are ideal for new affiliates because you can promote US poker sites, a US casino and even a US sports book. This means that your gambling affiliate income will be at one program. When I first became a poker affiliate like 7 years ago I didn’t have money to buy hosting or the skills to build a web site. I ended up buying a domain for $10 (for a year) and redirecting it to a free hosted site (Like blogspot and a million others). These free host sites have easy to use web site builders so you really don’t need much to get your first poker affiliate site up and running.

Choosing the right poker affiliate program in 2014 is very important. If you get ten of your buddies to sign up under you and they all play mid stakes Holdem on a regular basis it could add up to $1,000-$2,000 at the top aff programs, That same action at a crappy affiliate program might only earn you $100. Picking the right program BEFORE you start sending players is very important. Luckily I have made a list of the best poker affiliate programs online in 2014. Each of these affiliate programs feature US poker sites, US casinos and US sports books. The US poker industry is much more profitable than the European industry.

You can claim special MGR and CPA rates when you sign up using the links on this page. You commissions will be larger than they would have been if you visited the affiliate program directly and created an account.

Poker Affiliate Program USA? Poker Affiliate MGR & CPA Rates – , 2014 ┬áLink
poker affiliate programs 2014 35% poker MGR or 27/12% Rakeback or CPA
best usa casino affiliate programs 2014 Four U.S. Casinos – 25-40% MGR – Great AMs
top poker affiliate program 2014 40% MGR with CPA & Hybrid Deals Available

Fastest way to earn money as a poker affiliate in 2014

What is the fastest way to earn money as an online poker affiliate in 2014? I suggest reading as many SEO, marketing and html/css guides as you can. You won’t need this knowledge right away but the sooner you learn the better. I suggest creating a free hosted site or using Facebook and social media to get people to click your links and visit the poker rooms, casinos and sportsbooks. If a guy clicks your affiliate link and deposits $5,000 at one of Revenue Jet’s casino, you could earn up to $1,500 just from that one player deposit alone. Imagine if you has hundreds of players. I recently picked up a new depositor at a US casino. He has made about $8,000 in deposit in the last week and has earned me $2,400. The best poker affiliate programs – like the ones listed above – pay once a month, usually by the 15th. They can pay you via check, bank wire, money transfer or ewallets.