Does Party Poker Accept US Players

party poker accept us playersParty Poker for US players in 2014 may not be unbelievable. There are US players already at Party Poker in 2013. They have to use special software and setup bank accounts outside of the USA but Americans can and do play there. What I am talking about is different. Party Poker accepting USA players legally. When US poker rooms in 2014 are legal there will be no reason for Party Poker to keep their ban in place. My article about Pokerstars for USA players in 2014 or this article about Pokerstars accepting US players in 2013 explains why and Full Tilt Poker will definitely accept Americans if online poker is legal in the USA in 2014.

When Will Party Poker Accept US Players?

When will Party Poker accept US players? It could be in 2013 but will most likely happen in 2014. Party Gaming will open up to U.S. players once they get licensed on either the state level or the federal level in America. It all depends on how everything plays out. If US poker is legalized state by state – like in Nevada – Party Poker will likely try to win a spot in one state or several. NJ is a good example. Pokerstars is trying to buy a casino there in anticipation for legal online poker in New Jersey; Party Poker could do something like that. If real money online poker in 2014 is legalized throughout the whole country it will be easier for Party Poker. They could simply get a license and start accepting players from the USA immediately.

Party Poker U.S.A. is more likely than Pokerstars USA because Party gaming has honored US laws since the UIGEA. Poker Stars is in the government’s good graces now but they did ignore the US government for years. Party Poker even paid the fines that were levied against them. It will be a very competitive market in the USA when giants like Party Poker, Pokerstars, Full Tilt Poker, William Hill, Bet365 and the other iPoker network accepts US players. Here are some upcoming US poker news stories we will be writing:

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