Will Pokerstars Accept US Players In 2014?

us poker sites 2014The big question of the day is if Pokerstars will accept US players in or by 2014. I would think that online poker will be legal in the USA by 2014. This opinion is not based on hope. Online poker for real money is already legal in 2% of the Unites States and it is only June of 2013. What does that mean? It means that 1 out of 50 states have made it legal to play poker for cash. This state is Nevada and the online poker site that services that state is Ultimate Poker. Other states are passing their own bills so I expect America to become more poker friendly one state at a time. Other states will not have a specific online poker room for their citizens. They will allow rooms like Pokerstars and other US poker sites in 2014 to operate within their borders.

So Pokerstars will accept USA players in 2014 most likely. They may not be open in all 50 states but it will happen eventually. They will certainly be the number one US poker site in 2014. They are the best online poker room globally right now and this isn’t going to change between 2014 and 2015.

US poker sites in 2014 like Bovada Poker will also do well. This is because they have good software, a casino, a sportsbook and mobile betting. Instead of having real money account at 3-4 different Internet gambling companies you can just have one all-in-one account with Bovada, the world’s largest sports betting site.

Poker Stars accepting players from the USA will be a big change for them. I think that they will open a casino and a sportsbook, like how many poker rooms do already. Imagine that! The Pokerstars Casino and the Pokerstars Sportsbook. Perhaps these things are coming too in 2013. Other USA poker sites in 2014 will likely include Fulltilt Poker and ACR Poker. Full Tilt and Poker Stars are sister rooms now. ACR Poker – Americas Cardroom – would be a silly name if they did not accept Americans.